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No news is good news

No news is good news so says an age old adage. Most of the newspaper readers early in the morning often come across news which instead of making their day spoil it. Sometimes one feels as if there is no such thing as the rule of law in this country.
One doesn’t know why anybody wanted by court in any case should appear before it along with a multitude instead of appearing along with one’s lawyer only ?What is the big deal in assembling a crowd and then leading it to the Court’s premises? Do the politicians indulging in such antics want to pressurise the presiding officer of the court or the investigating officer deputed to hold inquiry against them? Why should the courts be allowing such alleged accused to deliver speeches soon after the hearing of the cases against them right under their nose in the Court’s premises and why the media men are allowed to interview them in the vicinity of court rooms?
Covid19 is by no means over. Asad Omar has a point there when he says that it would be too early to declare that we have defeated this deadly virus as in more than two dozen cities there is still smart lock down .It is apprehended that even a slight violation of the SOPs can result in the relapse of this pandemic as it has happened in many countries when they relaxed in the enforcement of the SOPs.
Nobody is going to buy the argument of Javed Miandad that it was he who was instrumental in building the career of Imran Khan in cricket and politics. His statement carried by some newspapers is laughable.

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