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Let us recognise the value of what the Quaid did for us

I am a Kashmiri Muslim, who has recently migrated to England.
Few years back a Muslim man near my home was lynched to death in front of his teenage daughter and son by a right wing Hindu mob for the great crime of eating beef on Eid .
Needless to say, the killers got Scot free and have been given government jobs by the Indian government and the murdered man’s son has been booked for eating beef as well now .
And now this is a daily occurrence there now .
So when I came to England and saw the great indifference that many Pakistanis have for Pakistan, the careless contempt for Pakistan, I could easily determine that these unfortunate people have no idea what they have been given by Qaid e Azam .
What great gift he wrested under nearly impossible circumstances and how fortunate you are that in Pakistan you don’t have to hide your real name and use make up names like Ramu and chotu or Raju to get simple employment, because if you use faheem or Sajad, contractors won’t hire you for even petty labour .
How you don’t have to live in crowded ghettoes despite being doctors and engineers, as you won’t be able to buy houses in decent colonies and even if you do, enerything you make will be burnt down in a single night as recently was done in Delhi and previously in Gujrat and Moradabad under full government patronage .
True Pakistan is not perfect, but look at the neighbourhood !
try to be a Tamil or Muslim in Sri Lanka, try to be a Muslim or rakhine in Burma, try to be a Muslim or tribal or Sikh or Christian in India .
Or even try to be a Tibetan or Uighur in China .
Pakistanis have been given an oasis, a utopia .
A huge beautiful, cultural, historical, fertile paradise; full of music and songs and fields and mountains and snow and beauty .
And what do Pakistanis do ?
They come to England and say we are from ‘ Indian subcontinent ‘, call their restaurants ‘Indian’, why ?
Whole UK loves Pakistani food, which even Pakistanis call Indian foods shamefully.
Britishers take their friends to the nearest Pakistani restaurant and think they ate at an “Indian” restaurant as there is no Pakistani identity .
Why ?
Pakistan needs to come of its weird inferiority complex and stop eulogising India( which is rapidly turning into a hell hole ) and work at making its own unique proud identity .
Kashmiris have lost more than 2 percent of its population, all youth, fighting for this dream called Pakistan .
Thousands of father’s bore the heavy coffins of their sons on their shoulders, for this identity called Pakistan .
Women got their modesty outraged, and little children became orphans just to be given this coveted identify .
Pakistan .
Hope Pakistanis realise this, while they are busy hiding their identity and abusing their own country .

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