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Good governance

If the government really wants good governance in the country it will have to restore the powers which the Deputy Commissioners enjoyed before 1973.Drastic reforms need to be introduced in the rules pertaining to the civil service. Political interference at all levels will have to be stopped in the work of district administration. Constitutuonal guarantee will have to be restored to the government servants which was withdrawn during the stint in office of late Z.A Bhutto and which has reduced the civil servants to the status of handmaiden of their ruling political bosses.
In order to ensure that only the best of the best officers are posted as DCs, career planning of field officers should be left to the chief secretaries of the province who should follow the principle of merit and merit only in their posting and transfers. The recommendation of the MNAs, MPAs etc etc in this respect should not be given ear to.
The same principle should be followed in the police department in all spheres from the selection of the police force to the posting in its senior and junior echelon.The IG police and the CS alone should have a final say in the posting of police officers in the district.
Experience of hindsight tells us that the main reason why the IGs of the police fall out with the CMs of the province is that they refuse to listen to them in the posting of police officers on key positions because in nine out of ten cases the officers for whom the CMs put in a word don’t have a good track record .
POSTSCRIPT: As a measure of abundant caution strict security measures need to be taken by the government in the current month of Moharram because there are reports that enemies of this country would try their utmost to stir sectarian clashes during the this month.

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