Destiny guided the Quaid to take decisions that led to the birth of Pakistan. Destiny guided Bhutto to take steps that led to his rise and fall. Destiny has guided IK to take decisions and steps that have brought him this far and that may land him in the realm of great achievers.
22 August, 2020

There is a concept that leaders acquire greatness through great mentors. Some leading figures in journalism went close to Imran Khan in quest of A MENTOR ROLE. They today stand disappointed and disillusioned at Imran Khan’s monumental surge to power despite his deaf ears to them.
22 August, 2020

There is a total lack of common sense in the mindset of our cricket managers. Shadab whose crucial batting display and two wickets in the 1st innings of 1st test put Pakistan in the driving seat stsnds dropped in the subsequent 2 tests to accomodate whom -Bradman? Sobers? Inzamam?
22 August, 2020

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