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Visa system for Afghans

It is heartening to note that 90 percent of fencing work of Pak-Afghan border has been completed and, likewise, similar fencing of Pak-Iran border is also being done in full speed. Kabul, unfortunately, has been playing into the hands of New Delhi right from day one after the division of the sub-continent in 1947.Afghanistan has always been playing second fiddle to India in its every anti-Pakistan activity.
It goes without saying that after the Army started fencing these borders there has been considerable reduction in the acts of subversion in the country. With a much tighter control over the Durand Line now of the Pakistan armed forces, the India sponsored terrorists are now finding it exceedingly difficult to enter Pakistan
In point of fact ,had Pak-Afghan border been fenced soon after the creation of this country there would have been a different story to tell today .India has been the biggest beneficiary of the porous Pak-Afghan border as it has been sending its terrorists to Pakistan via this route for sabotage. The arrest of Indian spy Kalbhushan proves that India has been using Iran also for the purpose.
Mere fencing of border, however, is not going to solve the issue unless it is augmented with a foolproof system of entry and departure of the Afghanis in Pakistan. The interior ministry needs to evolve a mechanism under which only those Afghanis be given Pakistan visa who could provide convincing reasons for visiting Pakistan and then a system should be put in place in the country through which their whereabouts in Pakistan could be easily located and those of them who overstayed here and violated visa rules could be taken to task.

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