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Opposition is in a disarray

There has been a lot of sabre-rattling on the part of some opposition parties during the past three months or so to hold all_ parties conference soon after tenth of Muharram for giving final touches to the proposed protest campaign which they want to launch against the government. Maulana Fazlur Rahman chief of the JUI has been trying desperately since long to bring all the opposition political parties on a single platform for the purpose but hitherto to his efforts have not yielded any positive result to him. There is still no love lost between the PPP and Nawaz League and the leadership of these two major political parties of the country don’t trust each other. The holding of the APC will be possible only If and when these two political parties come on the same page and they also succeed in removing the misunderstandings and reservations of the JUI chief about them.
Both the above mentioned two major political parties realise in their heart of hearts that if they come into power at this point of time when the economy of the country is in a shambles and the country is overburdened with foreign debts galore, it won’t be possible for them to deliver, therefore, it is better that the PTI runs its full course in power
The Maulana has, however, no such qualms. He wants to see the back of Imran Khan as early as possible. He is still licking the wounds inflicted on his psych e by his defeat in the last general elections.
Granted that the PTI hasn’t delivered to the extent the electorate wanted it to deliver but the man in the street still considers Imran Khan much better than every other contender for power available in the country today He is lucky in the sense that if the opposition on the one hand is in extreme disarray, on the other, the names of most of its leaders are sullied with corruption.

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