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All parties conference

Late Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan was a past master in assembling all the opposition parties on a single platform whenever any need was felt to wage political campaign against any sitting government.
His house in Lahore used to be the centerpiece of political meetings of the opposition parties . He was mastermind of many a political campaign in the country. When a news man once asked him as to how deficiencies in a democratic system could be removed he said that deficiencies in democracy can be removed only by adding more democracy in the democratic system.
Many political observers believe that Maulana Fazlur Rahman is another Nasrullah Khan in the making. He is cool headed like the late Nawabzada. Like him he is also blessed with the gift of the gab. He is also a negotiator par excellence and instead of shutting the door completely on negotiations he keeps it ajar.
Maulana Fazlur Rahman has been trying desperately for the last so many months to hold All parties conference for chalking out modalities for starting a political campaign against the government. The distrust against each other by the leaders of the PPP and Nawaz League is, perhaps, the biggest stumbling block in the way of holding the proposed APC.
It will be known in a couple of days as to which way the wind blows. Maulana fazlur Rahman might or might not succeed in making all the important political parties sit in all parties conference. Political observers believe that if the economy of the country shows any improvement and the government succeeds in bringing down the price index of edibles and other essential commodities in a couple of days, the proposed APC even if it is held is not going to make any difference but in case it fails in controlling the price hike of consumer goods political campaign of the opposition might snowball.

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