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Preparing for the showdown

The opposition leaders have been bracing themselves for a showdown with the government soon after tenth of Muharram. In this connection there has been telephonic contact of PPP and the JUI(F) leaders with Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who is in self exile at London on the pretext of medical treatment since long. What transpired between them is not known but given the fact that all those opposition leaders who want to see the back of Imran Khan are those leaders who were shown the door by the electorate in the last general elections and who are still licking their wounds, it is not difficult to fathom what must have been discussed by them amongst themselves.
The fact of the matter is that as far as opposition is concerned there is little to chose between the rotten apples. Most of them have a lot to live down The man in the street trusted them more than once and they always took him to the cleaners. The electorate is in no mood to change horse in the mid stream The people want to give the rulers full time in power Of course, if they failed to come up to their expectations they are going to get their just deserts at the next polls.
POSTSCRIPT: It is always very difficult for foreign cricket teams to play on turning English wicket and nine out of ten times they are upstaged by the host team . Pakistan cricket team is also certainly no exception but let us admit they have performed well as a team in their recent tour of England. If they have lost they have gone down fighting. Shaheen, Naseem and Abbas are bowling sensations who will go places in the time to come.

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