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A loaf of bread matters a lot

Somebody very rightly said that the debris of mega corruption, mismanagement and bad governance left behind by the previous two governments, in particular, can’t be cleared in two years. The present government is unlucky in the sense that soon after it was inducted into office it had to face one crisis after another It was busy in finding out ways and means for making the economy of the country viable when it was hit by covid-19 thus crippling it financially. As if that wasn’t enough, the country was visited by the locusts, wave after wave also, destroying considerably its cash crops. It goes without saying that, what to speak of economically poor countries like Pakistan, the coronavirus has shattered even the economically stable countries of Europe as well as the US. Obviously, many public welfare oriented projects of the government have suffered on this count and it will now take some time for the country to find its feet again on the economic front.
It is good that the common man of this country understands the limitation of the government in this connection, therefore, he is paying no heed to the call of the opposition asking the people to take to streets.
Wheat bread is the staple diet of the common man of many underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. During the course of war between Iran and Iraq and even after the ceasefire the Iranian leader imam Khomeini had ensured the availability of wheat bread at cheaper price The functionaries of the government were directed by him, that come what may, availability of wheat bread with the same weight and same price should be ensured in the country because it is the loaf of bread with which an average Irani fills his stomach and in case there was any increase in its price or wheat atta was not available in the market the common man will curse the government for it.

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