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Sectarian discord

To keep a balance in one’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and Iran amounts to a very difficult tight rope walking. On the one hand is located our neighbour Iran while, on the other, Saudi Arabia.Both have been helping hand for us in times of our economic crisis. We simply cannot afford to ignore or annoy any one of them
The tragedy is that Riyadh and Tehran don’t like each other. Poison of one is meat of other. Enmity between Persian speaking Iran and Saudi Arabia dates back to the pre-Islamic period. Unfortunately, after the death of holy Prophet (PBUH) these two countries have been following two different sects which are at variance with each other in some respects.
The clergy of these two countries has been instrumental to a great extent in widening the wedge between the Shia and Sunni Muslims by publishing hate literature against each other as well spitting venom through word of mouth. It is in the evidence that these two countries have been bankrolling the Muslims belonging to their respective sects in Pakistan Unless the rulers of these two countries stay their hand and stop supporting financially their alter ego in Pakistan, there will always be a threat of violence and disturbance in this country every year during the month of Muharram in particular It is about time that Islamabad should tell both Tehran and Riyad in unambiguous words that while it has no objection over their financial help to religious institutions in Pakistan in the field .of education but it will be incumbent on them that whatever financial support they provide to them should be given through the channel of Pakistan government along with details where this money is supposed to be spent so that it could not fall into the hands of those whose aim is to spread hate and injure the religious sentiments of Muslims.

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