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Learning The Art Of Sharing Power

The clock of our destiny may well be in the mode to strike the hour of new hopes for the nation. The pendulum has been oscillating back and forth since several weeks. It may be observed here that the pendulum doesn’t move ‘back and forth’ but ‘right and left’. But it depends upon the position of the viewpoint. If you watch the pendulum from the front, it certainly is seen to be moving from ‘right to left’ and ‘left to right’. But position yourself towards the left or to the right, the pendulum is likely to be seen moving back and forth. Politically speaking, General Pervez Musharraf and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto are seen to be positioning themselves towards enlightenment and moderation – the two terms that seem to be defining the ‘left’ of today’s political equation. In the past the ‘left’ was identified with egalitarianism and socialism. Meaning thereby the supremacy of ‘the collective good’ over ‘the individual rights’ But ‘the present’ emphatically belongs to Privatization and Stock Market, and the collective welfare of the society has been forced to take the back seat. The ‘left’ of today comprises of the groups, organisations and concepts that are financed by American money in the name of ‘liberal’ values and ‘civil’ rights.
Those who talk of Islam today – either through their beards – or through their ideology – remain fixed where they were in the past. The only change that has occurred is that they are now regarded as ‘America’s foes’ not ‘friends’. Islam is the new Evil that has replaced the old Evil – i.e Communism. It is a subject that demands and necessitates a detailed analysis. Here my subject is ‘the hope’, that Pakistan may well be heading towards some ‘light’! Proverbially it is the light at the end of the tunnel. If President Pervez Musharraf does take off his four-star uniform, and content himself, as ‘Constitutional President of the Country’, with the custodianship of the Crescent of our flag – and subsequently lifts the State of Emergency that has brought so much bad name to him and Pakistan – and allows all of the political parties, including Nawaz Sharif’s Muslim League, a level playfield in the scheduled elections – there is every chance of the political horizon of Pakistan getting ‘lit up’ with renewed hopes and longings. It is unlikely that any political party will emerge as a decisive victor in any fair elections. All indicators point to the emergence of a divided mandate. But let this ‘prospect’ not be considered a bad omen. Perhaps, our political leadership can be reformed only by making them learn the art of sharing power.

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