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Political temperature is on the rise

Even a cursory glance over the print and electronic media these days would reveal that as the minutes tick by, the political temperature in the country is heating up. On the one hand, the NAB has been tightening the noose round the neck of key political figures allegedly involved in mega corruption cases, on the other, as a counterpoise to it, the opposition parties to which they belong are ganging up against the government. The common man hasn’t as yet given up all hopes on Imran Khan and he still believes that his policies aimed at the betterment of the have nots will pan out according to his wishes in due course. He is, therefore, not sold on the anti-PTI harangue of the opposition at the moment.
The common man believes that putting the trust once again in the PPP or Nawaz League or for that matter in any political party that has been tested by him in the past in the corridors of power more than once would tantamount to putting the clock back .It would also amount to falling on one’s own sword. There seems to be no option at the moment to replace the PTI .One cannot, however, say anything about the future .Maybe, a new political force might jump into the political arena with fresh and better ideas and social welfare programmes and the electorate might take a fancy to it in the next polls after two or three years.The present opposition set up certainly comprises mostly such people who are rotten apples and for the electorate there is little or no choice to elect anybody from among them.

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