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A thoughtless step

If it wasn’t for the deep-rooted friendship between Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen, the latter might be out on his ear by now from the PTI. Like Mian Nawaz Sharif, Jahangir Tareen has also thought it proper to to keep himself away from the limelight by going to London. Providence knows when would his furlough to the Britain’s capital end? It seems that both these johnnies would return to their homeland whenever they felt that their presence in Pakistan would be politically beneficial for them
Has Imran Khan lost trust in the bureaucracy that he has decided to direct his much tom- tommed Tiger force to keep a vigilant eye on educational institutions, Police stations land records department as well as on electricity supply departments? Wouldn’t this step create friction between the Tiger Force and these government departments? If Tiger Force is going to be used for monitoring the performance of various government departments then what good are intelligence agencies like the FIA MI, CID and the Special Branch? In that case the government had better do away with these intelligence agencies and entrust their work to the Tiger force. And by the way, under which law of the land and provision of constitution this Force has been made to sit in judgement over other state institutions?
A similar step was once taken by former prime Minister of Pakistan zulfikar Ali Bhutto when he had directed his party workers to keep a vigilant eye on the functioning of the civil bureaucracy with the result that a lot of heart burning and friction was created amongst the civil servants. By repeating the same folly ,the PTI would lose whatever little support it has got of bureaucracy with the result that it won’t be able to implement its manifesto, hook line and sinker as the government has to take along with it bureaucracy to translate into reality its manifesto.

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