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The joker President

Trump has earned notoriety of doing strange and odd things. In a recent TV show he was heard praising his daughter Ivanka out of proportion .He went as far as saying that the Americans want her to be the president of the U.S.To many he would have become a joker par excellence had he joined Hollywood .He is rejoicing these days over the rapprochement between the UAE and Israel and says other Arab countries too should follow the suit as he believes in his own wisdom that it would bring peace and tranquility into the war-torn Middle east.
With the next Presidential elections round the corner Trump is bending over backwards to win them. It is too early to predict the results of the America’s presidential election scheduled for come November. If Trump wins them again there isn’t going to be any major change in the American policies but in case his rival becomes the new tenant of the White House a shift in Washington’s foreign policy cannot be ruled out altogether.
POSTSCRIPT: The recent tour of England by our cricket team didn’t pan out according to the wishes of Pakistan” s cricket fans .Rain proved to be the biggest stumbling block in this cricket series. The thing which is heartening, however, is the fact that Pakistan has found many genuine fast bowlers and batsmen who are going to stand Pakistan in good stead in future.
There should, however, be no let-up in searching more pacemen as it is fast bowlers who play biggest role in winning matches.

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