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Civic amenities

Not only Karachi but all other big major urban areas and cities of the country need massive transformation,inso far,as their Municipal affairs are concerned.
There is no point in paying lip service only about decentralisation of power and strengthening of local government institutions. The members of the provincial assemblies are mentally not prepared to strengthen local government in the provinces as they want to keep all administrative and financial powers in their hands for political reasons. Unless Municipal bodies are given full financial powers it won’t be possible to solve the problems of the people at their doorstep.
All civilized and developed countries have raised separate urban police in the cities as a result of which a lot of improvement has occurred in the law and order situation of the cities. The buses and wagons that ply in the private sector in our cities treat passengers as cattle. The fitness of these vehicles leave much to be desired with the result that invaluable lives are lost in the frequent road accidents which occur on our roads on account of either bursting of tyres or breaking of their tie rods. It is therefore extremely essential that government should do two works in the transport sector. First, it should develop circular railway in all the major cities of the country and along with it public transport system comprising big size buses need to be introduced also for easing the transport problem of the common man who cannot afford a car of his own .What a pity that instead of developing circular railway and tram service in Karachi which the Britishers had left us in good shape we had dismantled it.

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