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Today whole world is scared of China’s development: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, September 15: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that China has lifted 700 million people out of poverty first. Today, the whole world is afraid of its development.
Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed these views while addressing a function of Ravi Urban Development Project. He said that Ravi River project is not easy but very difficult. There will be obstacles in building a new city.
He said that Lahore needs Ravi River project as the city has 40% slum population. No one ever thought of living in them, all decisions were made for a small class.
Imran Khan said that during Corona, I was advised to lock down like Italy and Spain. When I asked what would happen to the slums? So no one answered. The small class was thinking only of themselves during Corona.
The Prime Minister said that people ask where is the new Pakistan? For the first time in the new Pakistan, health cards were given to the poor. No one ever thought of sleeping on the streets. We have built shelters for them, the quality of which will be further improved.
Earlier bread, cloth and house was a slogan but today for the first time houses are being built for the poor. In addition, the Ehsas program is the largest in the country’s history. The Ravi River project reflects the vision of a new Pakistan.
Criticizing the former rulers, he said that his priority was not the Ravi River project but wealth creation. If you leave the country in debt, problems will come.
He said that the problem of clean water in Lahore was increasing rapidly. All of Lahore’s sewage flows into the Ravi River. Ravi’s water contains arsenic, which is increasing the risk of hepatitis. He issued clear instructions to the authorities that there should be no delay in the River Ravi project and if there was any problem, the federation would extend full support.-DNA

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