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Afghanistan is as uncontrollable today as it was after nine-eleven

Helmand province of Afghanistan which borders Pakistan is precariously placed in the hands of Afghan government of Ashraf Ghani with the Taliban zeroing in on it with full force and Kabul trying its best to ensure that it does not slip out of its hands. The Daesh has reportedly set up an FM station in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan which has been asking Afghan youth to join their ranks for overthrowing Kabul’s government. Its broadcasts can be easily heard up to places like Jalalabad which lies a couple of miles away from the famous Khyber pass which is Pak-Afghan border. The allied forces under the command of Washington had landed in Afghanistan after nine-eleven to end Taliban influence from this war-torn country, raise its state armed forces and police and hand over the reins of government to the elected representatives of its people after holding elections. The elected government is in power in Kabul since long. The infrastructure of the state army and police has been raised. A big portion of the allied troops have left its soil but, surprisingly enough, the Taliban influence could nor be wiped out as yet. They are trying to raise their ugly head once again in almost all the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. The prophecy of Mullah Omar that while the Americans have wrist watches on their arms we have a lot of time on our side seems to be coming true. An additional factor is the emergence of the Daesh and the hobnobbing of the Taliban with Moscow for forming a joint front to fight the Daesh.
President Obama would be handing over the legacy of Afghanistan to the new American president in almost the same state in which he had inherited it from President Bush eight years ago:the same strife;the same political loyalties of the various splinter groups of tribes based on linguistic jingoism and religious sectarianism and the same mindset. Things are going to deteriorate rather than showing any improvement in the law and order of Afghanistan should all the allied forces decide to pack up and go home. The agonies of the unfortunate people of this unfortunate country, it seems, are not going to end in the foreseeable future.

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