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Bureaucracy has lost initiative

Something is certainly  amiss in the relations of the government with the bureaucracy. The common  perception is that the civil servants are not delivering. They have lost initiative. It is believed that there was too much interference from the political quarters in their work. Merit is a thing of the past. Any bureaucrat who has got right connection in the right place in the corridors of power can land a lucrative job. Juniors get posted over the heads of their seniors. In the two provinces of the country the inspector generals of Police are transferred at the drop of a hat. This being the position,how can one expect improvement in the law and order situation of Punjab and Sindh?
The sudden disappearance and then dramatic reappearance of a joint director of Security and Exchange Commission in Islamabad a  couple of days back is a cause of concern for all those who want to see the rule of the law in the country. The episode has raised more questions than answers. The investigating agencies, whosoever they may be ,should come clean about the subject. They should in unambiguous words let the taxpayer of this country know who were the persons responsible for his illegal custody and who was instrumental in his release from the clutches of his captors? What was the motive behind his detention?
Leaders of both the PTI and the PPP have made themselves a laughing stock of people by indulging in the slanging match against each other about the rehabilitation work in Karachi after it was devastated by rains and floods recently. It is a pity that instead of taking the matter seriously they are wasting their time in political number scoring.

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