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Justice delayed is justice denied

A writer commenting on the unpredictable weather of England had once said everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it. In same manner, the leaders of the ruling party have been talking much about rampant corruption of the former rulers of this country ad nauseam for the last two years without doing anything concrete to recover the money misappropriated by them. If it wasn’t for the lethargic attitude of the NAB’s prosecution branch, many big gun might be convicted and behind the bars today.
The very objective behind the formation of the NAB was that since the ordinary courts of the country were already overburdened with a lot of criminal and civil cases, it was difficult for them to concentrate on the mega corruption cases in which the elite of the country, mostly the ruling class, was involved so in order to ensure quick dispensation of justice, it was expected that a special institution like the NAB would be able to   decide these cases in double quick time. That has, unfortunately, not happened. Many cases of mega corruption in which important personalities of the country are involved have been dragging in the the NAB  courts for years together with no sign as yet visible that they will be  decided in the foreseeable future.
Many political observers apprehend that if the proceedings in such cases were conducted at a snail’s pace, it won’t be possible for the courts to decide them one way or the other within the next three years so that when the political parties would go to the polls after two years   the alleged corrupt leaders of the opposition parties would take benefit of the situation by posing themselves innocent before the electorate.

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