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Disturbing episodes

It is very disturbing to note that out of 132 scholars sent by the Higher Education Commission for doing their doctorate in various subjects abroad, 80 of them haven’t returned to their country after completing their assignment while fifty two of them failed to do their PhDs. The HEC has reportedly spent an hefty amount of Rs 955 million rupees on them for the purpose out of the taxpayers’ money of the country.
The poor standard of education in our universities is an open secret now. Many questions agitate a sensitive mind. Are really genuine and deserving scholars being selected for doing their PhDs abroad? Isn’t it a fact   that the objective of most of them who avail this facility was not to do their doctorate but to find a way out   to land and settle abroad? This issue certainly needs a thorough probe so that this facility isn’t misused in future. 
Karachi is a notorious city for China cutting and construction of buildings illegally without approval of their site plans by the competent authority. Never a day goes by without such buildings collapsing for one reason or the other killing dozens of people residing in them. A case in point is recent collapse of a four-storey building in which many valuable lives were lost. Many persons are involved in such like accidents. For instance, the owner of the building who construct them; those involved in China cutting of the land on which such buildings  are raised; those whose job it is  to keep a vigilant eye on the construction of buildings in the city without the approval of their site plans by the competent authority etc. etc. Unless they are arrested and hanged  such incidents would continue to occur thus resulting in in the killing of dozens of innocent

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