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Conquering coronavirus

Let us not break out the bubbly quite yet but Pakistan is conquering Coronavirus.
Things are, however, not satisfactory in our neighbouring countries like India and Iran where this pandemic still shows no sign of going away. A close watch on persons visiting Pakistan from these two countries will be extremely essential.
We we will certainly need to wear masks and keep social distances and use sanitizers for some more time till we get a green signal from the World Health Organisation that all is well now. There is, therefore, no room for any relaxation in the matter.
The opposition is ganging up against the government which is quite understandable but the common public perception is that it is premature on the part of opposition to form any United front against the government at this point of time when the horses of the government are in the midstream. Granted the government has been in power for the last two years but this period is too short a period to sit in judgement over its performance .It would have been better had the opposition waited for at least another one year and then reviewed as to the extent to which the rulers have solved or not solved the problems confronting the nation.
It is heartening to note that at long last the government has decided to give proper attention to the uplift of hockey affairs in the country. Hockey and squash are the two games in which we excelled in the world. It is nothing short of a tragedy that we have touched nadir in these two games during the past twenty years .We used to be on the victory stand in these two games in every major international tournament of these games .Today we have hit rock bottom in these two games.

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