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Not a very good year

This has not been a good year for the economy of the country? First came the covid-19, which shook the very foundation of some really good work started by the present government soon after its induction in office in 2018  for putting the economy of the country  back on the rails. It was followed by the attack on its agriculture by the locusts. As if all this was not enough the heavy rains and subsequent floods destroyed physical infrastructure of the country worth billions of rupees.
Lately, the danger of Dengue fever is looming large on its horizon.
India continues to indulge in activities aimed at destabilizing Pakistan. It has reactivated its agents in the former FATA, particularly, in Waziristan. It has got a common partner in the US to torpedo the developmental projects of the CEPEC now under execution in full swing in Balochistan and elsewhere in the country.
There is no let-up in the firing of  Indian forces on the LOC as a result of which Pakistan has been suffering human loss almost every second or third day 
The opposition parties too have been trying to create untold difficulties for the government day in and day out.
POSTSCRIPT: Let us hope the forthcoming tour of Pakistan by the Zimbabwean cricket team comes to fruition. The cricket fans are desperately waiting to see cricket stadiums of the country bustling with activities as they have been giving a deserted look for quite sometime now.

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