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Probity in politics

The British prime minister Boris Johnson will not able to hire a nurse for look after of his newly born son because of the cut in the Prime Minister’s salary. This news might sound strange for those who are not well versed with the high political values imbibed by the British politicians. Unlike our rulers, those at the helm of affairs in Britain don’t live like kings. They have to spend every single penny of the tax payers’ money with abundant caution. The British media and the opposition parties in British parliament keep a vigilant eye on their deeds and always breathe down the neck of the rulers .It is simply out of  the question that a corrupt politician could survive in the political milieu that has been nurtured by the British political system 
A couple of years  back the then  British prime Minister, Mrs Margaret Thatcher had gone on a  state visit to Malaysia. Her husband Mr Dennis was included in her entourage. On her return from the said visit a member of Labour opposition party questioned her in the House of Commons to explain as to why  did she take her husband to Malaysia  at the expense of taxpayers money. Mrs Thatcher told him that she would answer this question the next day. On the following day she submitted the hotel rent receipt of the room where her husband had stayed in Malaysia during her visit which he had paid from his own pocket. She even showed receipt of laundry bill paid by her husband from his own pocket for his clothes which he had got washed in the hotel during his stay.

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