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Do or die situation

Though Corona is on the decline there is no reason we should take our eyes off the ball. It has up till now refused to go away for good.
There are only a handful of people in the country who will buy the argument of Maulana Fazlur Rahman that if the present government is polished off and the nation went to the polls, the opposition would be in with a shout. He is forgetting the fact that insofar as religio-political parties of the country are concerned, the electorate in this country  has never  voted them into power with absolute majority at the Federal level though in some pockets of the KPK and Balochistan they do  hold the sway and that is the precise reason why he has been desperately trying to woo the bigger political parties of the country to his point of view .He knows that without their political support he simply cannot set the Thames on fire.The tragedy with the bigger political parties is that  their leadership is mired in mega corruption cases which they cannot get rid of ,one way or the other ,during the next five years given the snail’s pace at which they have been proceeding in the trial courts.
How the things turn out would depend greatly on the performance of the PTI governments in the days to come.If they succeed in translating into reality their election promises, the opposition’s political campaign against them would be no more than a wild goose chase and it will die its natural death but if they failed to deliver chances of their coming to power in the next polls would dwindle considerably. 

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