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Jaunts at the state expense

Some newspapers recently carried a news item that the British prime Minister Boris Johnson cannot hire a nurse to look after his newly born son because of the cut on his salary. This might be a news for many but those who are well versed with the political tradition of British politicians there is nothing new in this decision of the British prime Minister. Unlike our prime Ministers and Presidents, extreme care is exercised by the British rulers while spending taxpayers’ money.
Not long ago one of the former British prime minister, Mrs Margaret Thatcher had included her husband in her entourage on her official visit to a foreign country. On her return a member of the opposition Labour party asked her in the House of Commons that why did she take her husband on an official tour and would she like to inform the House as to the total expenditure incurred on his visit? Mrs Thatcher presented before the House on the following day receipt of the hotel where her husband had stayed during the said tour showing that he had paid the hotel room rent from his own pocket.She even showed to the House of Commons the laundry bills of her husband whose payment was also made by him from his own pocket.
On the contrary our rulers take plane load of their friends and party members on their foreign tours at the state expense. Why should they be taking dozens of media men also along with them on these foreign jaunts is beyond me! What are our press attaches posted in our Missions abroad for? Can’t they cater for their publicity need! At the most they should be taking one person each from radio and PTV if they are so much over conscious about their self-projection ! If any newspaper wants to send its correspondent for their press coverage it had better pay from its sources.

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