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A very good decision

The ruling party deserves hosannas  for  altering the design of Insaaf sehat card and renaming it as Quami sehat card. The government has also very rightly decided to replace the photo of PTI’s flag from the said health card.
By doing so, the government has set up a very good political tradition. We do hope that the other political parties would take a lesson from it and follow suit.
It goes without saying that whatever money the government spends on any people welfare project is spent from the national kitty which is raised from  the money collected from the tax payers. This money does not belong to the ruler or the ruling political party so it is wrong to name any developmental project after the name of any individual politician or political party.
Price hike in consumer goods and medicine is bringing a very bad name to the government and it had better take effective steps for controlling the price of those essential commodities which have a direct bearing on the daily life of common man ,otherwise, it is going to lose  whatever credibility and little influence it has on the the man in the street who still believes that the present rulers are going to deliver .Let us admit that had the health authorities kept a proper control and eagle eye on the way pharmaceutical companies of this country conduct their  business affairs and taken timely action the  medicine manufacturing companies would not have blackmailed them by presenting them with a fait accompli leaving  the government with no option but to raise the price of medicine. In the same manner, if the civil administration keeps  a close watch on daily basis on the price index of edibles and other essential commodities there is no reason why there is a sudden jump in their price.

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