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Another Political Turmoil Ahead

Zaheer ud din Babar

Lionel Shriver said that,
“Only a country which feels invulnerable can afford political turmoil as entertainment”

Once again, a political turmoil is expected in our beloved country. The opposition party’s alliance that they are ready to show and flex their muscles to get their way. On the other side, the government also stands firm that they will never show weakness to their opponents. Now, the question is how much more time is needed for political maturity. What our political classes never want to understand are the millions of problems that the Pakistanis face. The harsh reality is that life for a common man is becoming more and more miserable with each passing day. In the recent past, Covid 19 has affected almost 90 percent of the population. People have lost their savings and have been forced to live hand to mouth. The problem is that our political class is unable and unwilling to understand the problems of the common people.
Each day, major political parties fight to gain power, with a vicious power struggle being played out. Unlike a developed country, in Pakistan, only the elite and the powerful can rule over the common people. The reason is that democracy is not being ideally practiced in our country, and that a few decades may still be required to improve the political situation of the country. The bitter reality is that the same people who said the slogan “vote ko izzat do” (give respect to the vote) are the ones who belong in the elite political class.
It is the duty of the country’s scholars to educate the nation, and inform the common people that the political environment can only be changed if the social environment of the country is changed first. The saying “Might is right” has never changed the fate of the poor people. It is important for us to not be disappointed by the ongoing situation, rather we should keep being hopeful. Many democratic countries have faced and overcome this situation which Pakistan faces now. We should remain committed to the democratic system. On the current situation, the role of the opposition parties have become extremely important. The question is: What the major target of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (DPM)?
We all know that, in PDM, there are a lot of mature politicians, who know the country history, and they also understand the political movements and its impact on country’s social fabric. Some observers say that the opposition parties must broaden their vision. It is really commendable if our “political and religious parties leaders” demand local bodies election. Actually, the bone of democratic system is district governments, as this is the only solution to address people’s problems.
One point of view is that, once again, we enter the 90s political turmoil, where the political differences become personal differences. The worry is that. if this particular analysis is true, then as a nation, we must be ready for horrible results. To prevent this situation, it is necessary that our senior political leadership comes forward and plays their constructive role to avoid any negative results.

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