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Limitations of a coalition government

It has been observed that during the past two years or so the PTI government is being hamstrung by the opposition at every point. With razor thin majority in Parliament, it is simply impossible for the present government to translate into reality many of its programs it must have up its sleeve. In a parliamentary democracy a coalition government is the most unfortunate government. Its coalition partners always breathe down its neck and blackmail it as far as possible.
What then is the way out for Imran Khan?
He should immediately dissolve parliament and call for fresh polls. He should simultaneously tell the nation that if it wants him to bring about the required changes in the country as promised by him in the manifesto of his political party he needs absolute majority in Parliament.
Britain is considered to be the mother of parliamentary democracy but there too if a political party does not have sufficient numerical strength in the House of Commons it is simply not in a position to deliver. For getting through any type of legislation in Parliament it has to look to   its coalition partners.
The PTI government has already lost two precious years in power groping in the dark and there is no point in remaining in power for the next three years depending on the crutches provided to it by its coalition partners
The common man in the country realises that the tragedy with the PTI government is that despite its good intentions to do something positive for the common man, it is handicapped by the absence of required number of members in the national assembly to carry through legislation for the good of the people.

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