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This is one country and one nationhood

Even though there is no justification for the leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party and the Government of Sindh to demand that the sphere of authority of the Rangers in Karachi be restricted to the operation against terrorism, abduction for ransom, extortion (Bhatta) and target-killing, and they be barred from entering into what by law is civil domain, one cannot but agree with the argument being raised by them that singling out Sindh, and not allowing Rangers to conduct their operations in the other provinces—specially Punjab— is not in the best interests of the Federation. Imran Khan, in this context has demanded that the Rangers should be called in, in Punjab too, to carry out a campaign there as well against corruption which is equally rampant there.
One hopes that good judgment and fairplay will eventually prevail, and the practitioners of high corruption in Punjab too will face the wrath of ‘justice’.
But the operation in Karachi has a very different background. Karachi had become the hub of organized crime, and corruption there was providing finances and funding to the perpetrators of all other crimes including terrorism. It was the case of Dr. Asim Hussain that created huge apprehensions in the ranks of those corrupt elements in the ruling party in Sindh which know they will be softer targets for the Rangers if the said doctor breaks down and divulges incriminating evidence.
The most threatened person in this respect is Mr Asif Ali Zardari. Hence his forceful ‘falling back upon’ the Sindh Card.
It is time to forcefully register that to trumpet the theme of ‘several nationalities’ forming the Federation is not at all acceptable to those millions and millions of this country who regard themselves as ONE NATION irrespective of their race, colour ethnicity and language.

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