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Set up fire yourself and then cry FOUL!

The Pathankot air base attack has once again established that the Pak-India peace process built on talks (whether composite or comprehensive) is too fragile to be depended upon. The Indian government as usual is keen to accuse Pakistan of being behind these attacks. The instantaneous effort on the part of the Indian media to implicate Pakistan’s ISI cannot be dismissed as an act of ‘isolated’ nature. The anti-Pakistan media segment of India functions under the guidance and directions of both—the RAW and the National Security of India.
This part of Indian media speaks out the mind of the Indian government. The rest is diplomacy.
This strategy of setting up fire yourself and then quickly putting the blame on the rivals was brilliantly used by Hitler in 1933 when the German parliament was set on fire by the Nazis themselves, and Hitler had moved fast to accuse Communists of the dastardly act. Just as quickly he had demanded the dissolution of the parliament and of the announcement of fresh elections. Indians called off the ‘Peace Process talks’ in 2008 in the aftermath of the Mumbay attacks, and fixed the blame on Pakistan’s ISI-backed ‘militant outfits’.
Is that going to happen again?
The case of the Samjhota Express can also be cited in this respect.
If Indians are really interested in a meaningful dialogue process they can ‘easily’ frustrate the designs of the forces that are out to derail it. But if the incidents like Pathankot air base occur with the specific purpose of derailing the dialogue process, the party that acts fast to announce the calling off of the talks will justifiably be regarded as the party behind the incident. You don’t have to be well-versed in rocket science to draw that inference.
I have always maintained that India is not interested in budging even an inch from its stated position. Thus it will never take the risk of any meaningful dialogue.

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