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Mazhar Ali Shah

Bilawal needs a Bairam Khan.

In a few hours from now the 8th death anniversary of Benazir is being observed by the PPP. Exactly 8 years ago on this day she was cut down by an assassin’s bullet precisely at the same venue where in 1951 the first prime minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan …

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Don’t put a premium on corruption

No news is a good news,so goes an age-old adage.It is in the air that the government is once again introducing an Amnesty Scheme with effect from Ist January 2016 enabling the owners of black money to convert their ill-gotten money into white by paying only one percent tax on …

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Effective border management in FATA is the need of the hour

The defence secretary says Pakistan would like US assistance for effectively monitoring the Durand Line so that the terrorists who have fled to Afghanistan don’t get an opportunity to sneak back into Pakistan. In plain words there is a dire need now for an effective border management. There is a …

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Would Nawaz let Zardari off the hook?

Zardari is in a dilemma. He wants to attend death anniversary of his spouse Benazir scheduled for 27th of this month but is shit-scared of his possible arrest in fresh corruption cases on his landing at Karachi. He visited Saudi Arabia recently ostensibly for performing Umra but insiders say the …

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Slanging match between Karachi and Islamabad must stop

The slanging match between the interior minister and the leader of the opposition in the NA Syed Khurshid Shah is unfortunate. The latter has, unnecessarily blown out of proportion an issue which, in the first place, should not have been created by his party. Even a layman understands that the …

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