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Legal matters

The Chairman FBR says there was nothing illegal the way money was sent abroad in the past by many persons nor was it illegal if they bought property there by it. Money is still being sent abroad and this money transaction is duly covered by the Foreign Currency Accounts Ordinance …

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Time to learn from past mistakes

Our politicians tend to exaggerate and blow their promises and claims out of proportions. The sponsors of Azadi March had claimed that they will descend on the federal capital from all the four sides with a lashkar of 10 lakh protestors on 31st October 2019. Some of the chief ministers …

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Quality of public debate

While the wounds inflicted by sword heal up after sometime those caused by tongue are seldom cured. The quality of public debate in this country has deteriorated instead of showing any improvement over the years which is unfortunate to say the least. More often than not, pandemonium is the order …

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Ramifications of a sit-in

The tradition of sit-in, long March or lock-down has gained currency in this country, lately, which isn’t good for the democratic and economic health of the country. This trend is extremely dangerous and needs to be discouraged as it has the potentiality to promote anarchy in the country. What is …

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Railway is in a bad shape

Something is certainly wrong somewhere in the railways, otherwise, too many rail accidents would not have taken place in the Pakistan railways during the past couple of months. It is a pity that like our national carrier our railways has also fallen on bad days. Sheikh Rashid should not toy …

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Aren’t snap elections essential?

The recent Azadi March of the JUI(F) allegedly sponsored by the Nawaz League must have jolted the government. The rulers must revisit their policies and dispassionately analyse where it had gone wrong and then immediately repair the damage caused by them. Maulana Fazlur Rehman is now back in the reckoning …

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