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Sartaj Aziz’s charm offensive!

I think Mr Sartaj Aziz needs to cut hugely on his over-exaggerated smile, as well as his cerebral age, to emerge as a worthy counterfoil to India’s foreign minister Shrimati Sushma Swaraj. Shrimati’s ‘charm offensive’ is understandable. She is here to reinforce the impression which India has been trying hard …

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The villain of the story

As per Kamran Khan, a huge breakthrough has been achieved in Indo-Pak relations through that miraculous two-minute meeting in Paris between Modi and Mian. This kind of breakthrough has eluded us for decades. This was the impression Kamran Khan gave his audience on the night of the 7th of December …

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The Stink Of Sinister Motives

The phrases “Back Channel Contacts” and “Track Two Diplomacy” have grown very familiar to the ears. These may have different impact on different persons. As far as I am concerned, they carry ‘smell’ of sinister motives. Any activity that is carried out in secrecy does exude an aura of ‘conspiratorial’ …

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Whom does Waqar hold responsible?

I am amused to read the statement of Waqar Younus that the defeat in the series against England is an eye-opener. To whom has be addressed his statement if not himself? To those who gave him responsibility and authority to assemble a winning combination? Did they blunder in their judgment? …

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Miandad is wrong

Quite a few heartbeats were missed on October 26, 2015 before Pakistan’s Yasir Shah took wicket number 10 of England’s second innings to lift the spirits of the whole nation which at that time had been experiencing extremely tense moments due to the powerful earthquake that had jolted a very …

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