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Looking Through Smoke

Looking Through Smokescreen Another day, another battle, Another mission, that was fatal, I knew I was done, I saw the foe run, My smokescreen was a shield, My movement was concealed, I had iron in my chest, I did not, want to rest, I saw him land in front of …

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Who are Khanani’s accomplices?

US authorities said on Friday that Altaf Khanani, a well-known money-changer, was arrested for involvement in laundering funds for designated terrorist organizations and drug trafficking organizations. . The US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in a statement said: “The Khanani Money Laundering Organization facilitates illicit money movement between Pakistan …

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US Should Apologize Not Only for Kunduz But for Her Faulty Foreign Policies Too

ISHAAL ZEHRA (PART-I) THE US military has offered a series of shifting explanations for the bombing raid, from initially talking about “collateral damage” to now admitting, as Obama did in his call to MSF chief Joanne Liu that the strike was a mistake. The US President Barack Obama has called …

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