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Trump can score an easy diplomatic win from Saudi Arabia

Getting US citizens released from Saudi jails would be much easier to accomplish than nomralising Saudi-Israeli ties. Al Jazeera Michael Eisner Abdullah Alaoudh White House adviser Jared Kushner visited Saudi Arabia this week and met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). The two men have developed a close …

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Pakistan’s stake in Afghanistan is extremely high

Gulf News Syed Talat Hussain Since the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, this unfortunate country has petitioned for peace and normality at least a dozen times only to relapse into more chaos and mayhem. There are good reasons, therefore, to be sceptical about the latest attempts at forging …

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Karachi is sinking: Will Karachi be saved? Time will tell

Karachi is smouldering. Listen to Karachi’s simmering silence before Karachi erupts Gulf News Mehr Tarar In August in Karachi:A white-bearded man wearing a white prayer cap holding a tiny black bag is wading in muddy brown water, peppered with garbage of various forms and sizes. The dull backdrop of his …

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The world cannot forget the Rohingya

Abandoned by the international community, the Rohingya have only one glimmer of hope: international justice Al Jazeera Tun Khin This week marks exactly three years since the Myanmar military poured into Rakhine State and launched a vicious operation against the Rohingya people. Over the course of a few weeks, thousands …

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Hillary’s 2016 defeat shows why Joe Biden needs a landslide just to win

New York Times Frank Bruni When many of us question Hillary Clinton’s performance and strategy in 2016 and say that she should have won, we’re speaking sloppily. We mean that she should have won by more. We mean that she should have won by so much that James Comey’s vain …

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How Biden is giving Americans reasons to trust him

Bloomberg Jonathan Bernstein Are you ready? That’s what Joe Biden asked at the end of his speech accepting the Democratic nomination for president, a speech the convention spent the whole week waiting for. He promised competence and empathy, which everyone had earlier praised him for and which he gave as …

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