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States have to ensure adequate housing amid the pandemic

Upholding the right to housing is more urgent than ever as the pandemic has worsened housing crises across the world Al Jazeera Leilani Farha When COVID-19 was understood as a global and deadly threat, there was a singular prescription promulgated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and governments around the …

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Saudi Arabia and Pakistan: A partnership too important to fail

Arab News DR. ALI AWADH ASSERI In recent days, disturbing reports have appeared in Pakistani media and then picked up by foreign media that aim to sabotage the historic partnership between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Their apparent motivation is to create a rift in the Muslim Ummah, by questioning the …

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The UAE makes peace with Israel’s war on the Palestinians

Why is Abu Dhabi rushing to appease the Netanyahu government? Al Jazeera Marwan Bishara After years of informal normalisation, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has finally reached a formal “peace agreement” with Israel that paves the way for a strategic relationship between the two countries under the auspices of the …

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Hezbollah and the people will have to negotiate a new Lebanon

The Beirut blast will likely usher Lebanon into a new political age Al Jazeera Rami G Khouri The Beirut port explosion is likely to go down in history as a turning point in Lebanon’s political configuration. The blast, which killed more than 200 people, injured more than 6,000 and destroyed …

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What the new Iran-China partnership means for the region

This new realignment in Asia provides new opportunities not only for China and Iran, but also for Pakistan Al Jazeera Abdul Basit In early July, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced that Tehran is close to entering into a long-term strategic partnership agreement with Beijing. A few weeks later, …

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